A God Parent Is Not a Legal Guardian

A few weeks ago I wrote a short blurb about Guardianship and it got a bit of attention.  Well, this time I’m going to be more blunt with you parents out there and say “If you have kids and haven’t created an estate plan, you trippin’ Yo and it’s time for you to get your […]

All The Single Ladies!

It was recently noted that African American women are the most educated of all demographic groups in the U.S.  Yassss, we are doing the dang on thang! However, as we strike out on entrepreneurial ventures, climb the corporate ladder, or just decide to define our lives on our own terms, many of us overlook the […]

Who’s Gonna Get Your Stuff?

You may think you don’t have an estate so there’s no need to create a plan.  The truth of the matter is that whether you create an estate plan or not, your assets will be distributed.   What you need to be concerned about is who will inherit your property. Property is more than just […]